How We Helped Urbest To Urbest Doubled Its Sales Conversations In Just 3 Months.

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To drive growth, Urbest enlisted the expertise of a marketing expert through our Strategic Marketing Expertise On Demand.


This case study explores how strategic marketing initiatives, guided by a marketing expert can lead to remarkable outcomes.

Client Background: Urbest

Urbest, established in Caen and Paris in 2017, offers a collaborative job-tracking platform designed to simplify property management tasks for real estate professionals, service providers, tenants, and users.


Why Urbest approached us?

Despite their innovative solution, Urbest grappled with insufficient inbound leads and a need for lead qualification from their website.

Moreover, undefined KPIs for social activities and a lack of a coherent lead nurturing process hindered their growth potential. 

Recognizing the need for a strategic marketing overhaul, Urbest sought the guidance of a marketing expert through our Strategic Marketing Expertise On Demand program.

Goals and Challenges

The primary objectives of Urbest to engage a Strategic Marketing Expert on Demand were twofold: 

  • to generate high-quality sales opportunities from inbound activities, content, and social selling
  • execute ROI-focused experiments with outbound outreach and paid channels 


Several challenges had to be addressed, including 

  • the absence of a clear KPI framework for social activities
  • an inadequate lead nurturing process
  • suboptimal content strategies that lacks personal branding for company leaders


Under the leadership of Stefan, a comprehensive solution was devised to address Urbest’s challenges and propel its growth.

High-Quality Lead Generation

Stefan initiated and shifted the content creation from SEO-focused to customer-centric, addressing pain points and needs.

The content distribution plan was mapped out before creation, ensuring effective reach.

Lead Nurturing

A multi-channel approach was adopted, combining social media and email engagement to build trust and address customer doubts. This approach provided insights into customer preferences and needs.

Social Media Engagement

Stefan also spearheaded efforts to enhance social media engagement and build the profiles of company leaders.

This strategy positioned Urbest as an industry authority, creating demand and boosting brand awareness.

Multi-Channel Outreach

A strategic mix of email, LinkedIn, phone outreach, and participation in trade shows was employed, amplifying Urbest’s presence and increasing engagement with potential clients.

Products Involved

To achieve these remarkable results, the following products were utilized:

  • Activation playbook
  • Demand generation and sales playbook
  • Research playbook
  • Sales enablement and activation
  • Media playbook
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Results and Achievements

The implementation of the growth strategy and various experiments led to impressive results:

  • 2X sales conversations in 3 Consecutive months
  • 300% more engagement on social profiles
  • 60% of sales are driven through content and ABM
  • Defined a precise user persona
  • Rebuilt the website


Urbest’s partnership with Luckboosters proved transformative, elevating their brand awareness, lead generation, and sales efforts to new heights.

By redefining marketing strategies, enhancing social engagement, and leveraging content and ABM tactics, Urbest achieved exceptional outcomes, positioning themselves as a leader in the competitive B2B SaaS landscape.

This case study demonstrates the pivotal role of strategic marketing leadership in driving growth and success for businesses facing diverse challenges. 

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