How We Helped Devgrid To Generate $300, 000 Worth Of Sales Opportunities Despite Uncertain Times.

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Ever wondered how can you break into a new market in times of uncertainty?

I’m about to show you how we did it for Devgrid in collaboration with George from Profitable Clients. 

After reading this case study, you will understand how we helped Devgrid come up with a marketing plan that brought in $300,000 worth of sales pipeline despite the pandemic through a strategic positioning and go-to-market strategy. 

By focusing on the US market and refining their approach based on valuable insights, Devgrid was able to elevate its brand and attract lucrative opportunities.

Client Background: Devgrid

Devgrid is an experienced DevOps company that provides a range of solutions with a full-stack approach.

With a history of serving clients from various industries and continents, Devgrid decided to narrow its focus solely on the US market, seeking to attract more American clients.


Why Devgrid approached us?

Devgrid approached our team with three primary objectives:

  • Develop a unique positioning for the company based on insights from existing and former clients.
  • Increase the sales pipeline with opportunities from the US market.
  • Create a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for targeting the US market

The Solution

To accomplish the set goals, we adopted a strategic and data-driven approach. We followed a systematic process involving research, analysis, and strategy development.

Research and Insights

Our initial step was to conduct a thorough examination of Devgrid’s current sales pipeline, target segments, and revenue streams.

We also delved into the company’s marketing practices, providing recommendations for developing an evergreen demand-generation process.

During the research phase, we conducted interviews with existing clients to gain valuable insights. 

Some of the key findings were as follows:

  • Startups had a low retention rate, making them less attractive prospects for Devgrid.
  • Financial and utility companies presented substantial opportunities, with the potential for long-term engagements.

Crafting a New Positioning

Based on the gathered insights, we formulated a new positioning strategy for Devgrid. The central focus shifted towards targeting financial and utility companies, capitalizing on the potential for stable and long-lasting partnerships.

Developing the Go-to-Market Strategy

The second part of our strategy was to create a comprehensive 180-day plan for Devgrid. This included a sales-marketing program with a Gantt chart outlining the path to achieving their goals.

The go-to-market strategy aligned with the refined positioning, ensuring a coherent approach.

Devgrid Q3 2021 Marketing Plan

Products Involved

To achieve these remarkable results, the following products were utilized:

  • Demand generation and Sales playbook
  • Research playbook
  • Sales Enablement and Activation
  • ABM
  • Virtual event playbook
  • Audit
  • Positioning playbook
  • Go-to-market strategy

Results and Achievements

As a result of the implemented strategy, Devgrid achieved remarkable success in the US market, securing $300,000 in sales opportunities during Q4 2021.

The company’s focus on financial and utility companies proved fruitful, with increased interest and engagement from these sectors.


Devgrid’s journey from a global DevOps company to a successful player in the US market demonstrates the power of strategic positioning and a well-defined go-to-market strategy.

By understanding their target audience, leveraging client insights, and aligning their approach, Devgrid positioned itself for sustainable growth and success in its chosen market segment.

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