How We Helped Reinvently To Generate $200, 000 In Revenue Within 10 Months Only.

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My goal is to show you how properly planned growth experiments can help you to add $200,000 in revenue in just 10 months.

If that made you a bit curious, I promise it will be a worthy read.

To give you more context let’s start off with a short intro about Reinvently and why they approached LuckBoosters.

Client Background: Reinvently

Reinvently is a renowned mobile solutions company established in California and Texas around 2010.

They are known for providing top-notch mobile solutions through a data-driven and iterative design and delivery process.


Why Reinvently approached us?

Reinvently approached us with three primary objectives:

  • Create more demand for their services
  • Increase the quality of inbound Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)
  • Implement an innovative and efficient outbound process

The Solution

To achieve their objectives, we adopted a Growth Framework that allowed them to formulate a solid go-to-market strategy through continuous experimentation. 

Weekly calls facilitated the generation of “growth experiments,” while the concept of “seeding” helped the team to curate content from sales calls’ insights, fostering an effective thought leadership strategy.

Content Strategy

We decided to prioritize content that speaks to customers’ pain points and distribution over SEO.

The team created articles with a customer-centric approach, addressing pain points and providing valuable insights.

Media planning became an integral part of the content creation process, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Intelligent Outbound Process

Together we developed an intelligent outbound process centered on social selling and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). 

Here’s the TDLR version;

  1. We start off by identifying their target industries, segments, and personas for personalized outreach
  2. Then we optimize their team members’ LinkedIn profiles to be attractive to the customer segments that we are targeting
  3. Social ABM campaigns combined with offline activities helped nurture relationships with potential sales opportunities

Newsletter Revival

To enhance lead nurturing, we revamped Reinvently’s newsletter, segmenting the audience to cater to specific pain points.

Social media and email campaigns were integrated into their lead nurturing activities, resulting in increased opportunities and engagement.

Products Involved

To achieve these remarkable results, the following products were utilized:

  • Activation playbook
  • Demand generation and sales playbook
  • Research playbook
  • Sales enablement and activation
  • Media playbook
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Results and Achievements

The implementation of the growth strategy and various experiments led to impressive results:

  • $200,000 in revenue within 10 months
  • $250,000 in the pipeline within 4 months
  • A 200% increase in SQLs over three consecutive months, driven by content and social selling
  • A 150% surge in opportunities generated from their revamped newsletter
  • A 387% rise in meaningful connections on LinkedIn
  • A 293% increase in social profile engagement (likes, shares, comments)
  • 60% of sales driven through media and demand generation efforts


Reinvently’s journey exemplifies the power of combining innovative strategies, customer-centric content, and targeted outbound efforts. 

Through our Growth Framework, Reinvently not only achieved substantial revenue and pipeline growth but also solidified their position as a thought leader in the mobile solutions market


You might get a feeling that this article (and our strategy) was all over the place.

“So what contributed to Reinvently’s fast growth?”

  • Creating  articles ” not for Google” but rather for people, for customers
  • Focus on answering their pressing questions and how the brand can help solve their pressing pain points
  • Strategic outreach by optimizing their LinkedIn profile and personalized outreach
  • Not going after vanity metrics instead focusing on engagement and SQLs


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