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60% of sales driven through content

200% increase in organic traffic

Urbest's Digital Presence was About To Take Off

Urbest is a communication platform dedicated to the building maintenance industry.

It simplifies communication among stakeholders and improves the management, tracking, rating and analysis of work to be done.

Urbest allows you to create your own group matching up your usual way of getting things done. Choose the level of information to share between owner, property managers, service providers and tenants. No more time wasted, every person is informed about what they need at the right time.

The Sky's The Limit


Urbest was not having any social presence and hence trust deficit for customers.

No prospecting strategy to generate leads.

No effective landing page for the website conversions.

No identified funnel for  generating leads.

No content marketing strategy in place.

Urbest had no strategy for capturing ready to buy leads from comparison platforms.

The Goal

To set up growth marketing processes and help Urbest generate more leads.

Urbest wanted to improve their marketing strategy to generate leads with the help of multiple approaches like building a strong online presence, content marketing, paid promotion and relationship building.

what did we do for them?

Social Media​​





Content Marketing​

The solution

Increasing Lead Quality & Quantity

We got Urbest listed on all the leading listing platforms to improve their visibility. 

This helped to build the traffic and social proof for the Urbest brand. It was important for them to have a strategy to capture hot leads from niche comparison platforms. We got them started with paid campaigns for immediate results and it worked. 

We recommended Urbest’s team to redesign the landing page to improve the conversions from the website. Another important thing was they were not having content marketing/blog in place. We discussed the importance of having effective blog for traffic, engagement and conversions. Urbest got the blog page redesigned. And we are helping them to create content that helps to convert website visitors into customers. 

Another big challenge was not having lead nurturing in place for them. We helped them to build prospect lists from the target segments like hospitals, universities, notaries, corporate offices, etc. Next step was to approach these prospect lists with help of email sequences to warm up the target audience and bring them into the marketing funnel to engage with the website and try Urbest application. 

After building traffic to the website, we had to use a messaging platform to improve communication and build a relationship with the website visitors.

The Success

Growth in numbers


2X leads coming from Newsletter


387% more meaningful connections on Linkedin


293% more engagement on social profiles in likes, shares, and comments


60% of sales driven through content

200% increase in organic traffic

Stefan Repin

Chief of Growth

Vadim Budei

Head of Partnerships

Dnyaneshwar Matre

Lead Gen Ninja

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