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2X leads in 3 Consecutive months coming from content and social activities

2X leads coming from Newsletter

reinvently's Digital Presence was About To Take Off

Reinvently is a brand established in California and Texas around 2010.

The company provides one of the best mobile solutions on the market.

In their own words: “Via a data-driven and iterative DESIGN AND DELIVERY PROCESS,

we take a tailored approach to each and every product.

It’s our key to success, and your key to accelerating growth” 

The Sky's The Limit

Reinvently's PROBLEMS

There were fewer and fewer leads coming from the website 

The leads from the website were not well qualified 

No clear KPI regarding social activities 

No clear process for lead nurturing 

The content was not driving brand awareness 

No personal branding for leaders in the company

The Goal

Increasing the quality of sales leads and awareness

Reinvently wanted to increase their amount of qualified sales opportunities. At the same time, they wanted to create brand awareness and quantify on social so these channels would help with nurturing and providing trust for potential customers.

what did we do for them?

Social Media​​





Content Marketing​

The solution

Increasing Lead Quality & Quantity

The work started to kick off when we established the right team and process. The team and it’s CEO were big proponents of Growth Hacking. That’s why we used a Growth Framework and this Framework helped us navigate through the fruits of experimentation. 

 On weekly calls, we discussed ideas which were later transformed into multiple hypotheses. At the same time, the challenge was to keep a good rate between operational activities and new ideas. 

 Based on the concept of “seeding” we started creating content based on our articles and weeded out the articles which did not contribute to anything, even with traffic. We took an approach that we would not create articles “for Google” but rather for people, for customers. 

 We also worked on distribution and decided distribution comes first. We also need to define where we distribute the article before we write it. This all became a part of the content plan.

 Together with the team, we established that social selling was the way to go and we started building the profiles of the company leaders. Step by step we established the angle we wanted to use and the personas we wanted to target, then came the fun part -> SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT. This was our goal and our result.

 We revived the newsletter and worked on a flow allowing everyone to feel at home. With this, we ensured the newsletter applied to everyone and we created a brand feeling. 

We started with lead nurturing activities by combing social media and emails. This showed us customer’s doubts and earned us more trust by addressing their pain. 

The Success

Growth in numbers


2X leads in 3 Consecutive months coming from content and social activities 

          2X leads coming from Newsletter 

          387% more meaningful connections on Linkedin

293% more engagement on social profiles in likes, shares, and comments

60% of sales driven through content

Stefan Repin

Head of Growth

Bradford Goodwin

Brand Conjurer

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